Friday, March 9, 2012

Make your own barn

Jordan is really into farm machines lately.
He loves the big sprinklers, tractors, corn choppers ect.
He will say sometimes that he wants to have his own farm one day.

Today was lining up his sprinkler hoses (straws) and playing with his tractors.
He paused and asked me if we could make a barn.
I was like sure.

And we grabbed a box out the garage and got to work.
This project took less then hour to make.
It did take some time to dry though so he hasn't gotten to play with it yet.

Step 1: Cut windows and doors in box
I used an exacto knife even though they scare me to death.

Step 2:  I hot glued the side up and cut off the point of the triangle.

Step 3: Paint the box.
Jordan wanted to do blue and red.

Step 4: Cut out X's for the doors and windows.
I measured wrong and they were two big so I ended cutting off the square outline 
and just using the X's.

 Step 5:  Glue on doors and windows

Step 6: Let dry and Enjoy!


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