Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Back!

We are back!  
We had an awesome summer that went WAY to fast and was pretty busy.  I am definitely ready for  fall, slower pace of life, and of course started up "school" activities again!!  
My gang of child care kids has changed a bit so I would love to introduce you to them since you will be reading about them alot in the coming months!  

We will start with Jordan since he is the oldest of the group!

Jordan turned 5 years old in August!!  
He will be staying home with me one more year and go to preschool 2 days a week and then do activities and "school" at home with me.  He is still a ball of energy, loves cars, trucks, garbage trucks, "mowing" and "weed eating" the yard, trimming the grass and bushes with scissors, collecting recyclables in his gator, riding bike, playing basketball, digging in the dirt, playing angry birds & Mario, playing with the neighbor kids, and snuggling.

Ty is 4 years old 
Ty is one of Jordan's best buddies.  These two are always busy playing.  They enjoy digging in the dirt, playing garbage trucks, riding around in the gator, making up games, coloring, and playing with cars and trucks.

Nevaeh is 3 years old
Nevaeh just came back to join our little group after a summer of staying home.  She just had a birthday and is now 3 years old.  She loves coloring, do-a-dot art stampers, babies, dressing up, thomas & trains, and sitting on your lap & reading a pile of books.

Mia 2 year old
Mia is the only girl of the group but she does her best to keep up with the boys.  She loves playing with dolls, making pictures for her mommy, pretend cooking, playing with baby Nine, and loves playing in the dirt with the boys!

Kane is 2 years old
Kane is all boy and a ball of energy!  He is go, go, go til he crashes for a nap.  He loves trains, cars & trucks, going on the slide, playing in the dirt, coloring & stickers, and tractors.

Nine is 1 year old
Nine is the "baby" of the group but he is quickly becoming a little man.  He loves to eat, play with trucks, push toys, build towers with blocks & knock them down, climb up the slide & go down, play in the dirt, can sign all done & milk (working on more & eat), go on walks, play peek a boo, and is also a cuddler.

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