Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Review-Catch up

I haven't really written a weekly review in a while so this is pretty much all of April!!  We haven't really done any planned activities but Jordan has been practicing writing a ton this month.  Though he gets extremely frustrated when he can't get them perfect he keeps trying and is doing much better.  He likes to write them in ABC order.  I usually open up the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book to the front page where it shows all the letters in order. Or he will get as far as he can on his own then will ask what comes next.

He also likes to use his letter magnets and put them in order on the carpet or on the fridge.

For Easter we did a few jelly bean activities.

We made playdough

learned to shave with daddy

Visited the dentist

played outside when the weather decides to be decent.  We have had the coldest April on record.  We even got snow.

He also figured out he can swim all by himself with a life jacket and a noodle!  

Even played games!

We talked the other day about what he would like to do with school next and we came up with basketball and weather.  I have been busy making lots of printables for a basketball theme this week.  I will sharing those next week!


  1. I like your jelly bean graphing idea. I also noticed the dentist pic-dont you love that they put the shades on kids now? Man I wish they would have thought of that when I was a kid.