Saturday, April 3, 2010

Science Exploration- Vinegar Egg

Needed items

Place a raw egg in a clear plastic container filled with vinegar.

 Seal the container tightly.
The vinegar will slowly dissolve the calcium shell and rubberize the egg.
 Have the children observe the changes in the egg daily.

 In approximately two days, the shell will begin to soften and disappear. On the third day, take the egg out of the vinegar and let your youngsters hold it. The shell will be completely dissolved, and the egg will look and feel like a balloon filled with jelly.

This was taken Saturday afternoon 4 days after egg was placed in vinegar.

Jordan and Michelle have been checking out the egg a couple times a day and will lift the jar and examine the egg.  If family stops by they are sure to show them the egg.  The shell on our egg has not completely dissolved so on Monday whether or not the shell has dissolved we will be taking the egg out.  We will then check it out up close and poke it and take off any remaining shell.  

Will update with pictures after we take it out of jar.


We finally opened the egg and got to touch it!

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  1. I'd totally forgotten about that experiment! Thanks for the great reminder.
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