Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Five Little Shamrocks

Print out or draw five shamrocks on your choice of paper or felt.
Recite Poem with your child/children's name in the blanks.
When you say their name they pick one shamrock from the group of five.
You can do this poem using the shamrocks as magnets on the fridge or cookie sheet, on flannel board, or laid on the floor.

Five Little Shamrocks

Five little shamrocks growing near my door,
________ picked a shamrock now there are four.

Four little shamrocks under a tree,
_________ picked a shamrock, and now there are three.

Three little shamrocks in the morning dew,
__________ picked a shamrock, and now there are two.

Two little shamrocks growing in the sun,
_________ picked a shamrock, and now there is one.

One little shamrock standing all alone,
I picked that shamrock and took it home!

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