Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Review

Definitely didn't fall right back into the groove here.  We did a few things but didn't really get around to what I had planned.  Still getting used to having a few more little guys here during the week.  I started watching a few more kids in my home so I am still working out are daily routine including time for school activities.  I have a full week planned for next week so i hope to do better. I am also new to posting about more then one child so may take a few posts to figure that out too. I think I am going to start with each child and then activities they did together at the end.  I would love to hear how others with two children post there week.

On with our week
Jordan is 41 months

tonging erasers out of beans

squeezing playdough

flubber recipe here

Getting creative with toy packaging wires

cutting some cookies

building towers

Filling garbage cans with anything that fits

I made this marble run for Jordan see how here

Jordan loves changing the wheels on his Automoblox

Finally brought his train table down so that is a new favorite

Jordan LOVES clocks and Michelle got this for Jordan for Christmas.  You move the hands and then it tells you what time it is.  Jordan is really good at telling time and knows when his clock says 7:00 he can get up, snack is at 10:00, he can get up from nap at 3:00, and bed at 8:00.  It is nice that I can tell him that at a certain time we will be doing this or he can do this and he can watch the clock.

loves his glue

Polar Bear puppet to go with Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear? read more here

Adding math to snack.
 We used a dice and Jordan rolled it for each different snack and picked out that many after we counted the dots on the die. read more here

While reading Chicka Chicka 123 Jordan wanted to say all the numbers to me and he knew all the way to 20! He could go farther but like doing the  1 to 20 page better.

Jordan has mastered using a mouse and the computer this past week.  He can get himself around the kidoz website and loves playing memory on the Chuggington Page.  Jordan is excited for that show to start on Disney soon.

Lisey is 22 months
Meet Lisey

Lisey giving the tongs a try

Sorting eggs by color and I just let her have free play with them also

Practicing using a cup without a lid

Building towers

Putting coins in the piggy bank.
We named the colors a couple of times and then counted them as she put them in

Having fun dropping balls down the tubes

Sorting shapes, dumping them out, and starting all over again

Activities they did together

Playing in the rice bin. Scooping, dumping, pushing, and driving

Bean bag toss

Dancing to music with shakers

Next week theme is Snow!  I have been waiting for it to snow again but we have been getting nothing but rain so I am going to go ahead and use this theme.  We had one snow already this year and Jordan got to experience so at least he knows what it is :)


  1. Wow, for not getting in all that you planned, you sure got a lot in! I had to smile because your boys and mine are so alike....many of your activities are ones that my kids enjoy too...especially the automoblox.

  2. Your activities look like they are super fun!!! I especially like the Marble Run!!!

  3. What a fun week! I'm going to have to make Flubber one of these days.... My little one LOVES that pig bank!!

  4. You were busy! Great ideas! I love your blog! :)

  5. What an awesome week! I used to make Flubber in my classroom and it was always a BIG hit with the kiddos. I also did the same egg activity with my daughter when she was younger. I LOVE LOVE your counting snacks game. I saw this before and I wonder if it was your blog that I was viewing. I NEED to remember to do this with my daughter for counting practice. Oh and the marble run - looks like SO MUCH fun!!!

  6. YOu have some awesome ideas here! I like the idea for the marble run... I am going to try that soon! I bet even the bigger kids at my house would love it!

  7. We are getting ready to use tongs to pick pompom balls out of beans thanks to one of your activities. Thanks!

  8. I keep meaning to start on my bean bags. Thanks for motivating me!

  9. oo such great ideas! The dancing with the instruments looks like a lot of fun!