Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicka Chicka 123 and Numbers

Jordan is in love with numbers, clocks, and time right now so I am trying to take advantage of that and do more activities with numbers. He loves to pull a chair up to the microwave and play with the timer. He also loves counting the numbers in the front of the Chicka Chicka 123 book.  So I opened up the book to that page on the table and set out all the magnetic numbers we had and a cookie sheet.  My first idea was for him to use the book to make two digit numbers since he can easily count and identify 1-10.

Jordan started off making two digit numbers including 66 for Route 66 off of Cars.

he then switched to sorting the numbers and grouping them

Then an idea popped in my head that I could use two magnets to be the dots for making time. At first I let him make his own times.

Since he knows his daily routine so well I decided I would ask him what time he did certain things and have him make those times.
What time can you get up from nap?

What time do you take a nap?

What time do you have snack?

What time can you wake up in the morning?

He did this on his own.  He said this is when i can go play basketball with daddy.  We go to my husband's basketball games and he knows when the timer gets to 0:00 and the buzzer goes off he can go down and shoot hoops with daddy.

He also placed the magnets on the numbers in the book

Used a pointer to count the numbers

This activity has kept him very busy all morning and I am sure this will be a favorite this week.

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